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Singuway Biotech is working hard to meet the worldwide demand for COVID-19 testing solutions.
At Singuway we make it our main focus to manufacture the highest quality lab tests in accordance with international standards.

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Covid-19 Singuway Biotech Inc.

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Detection Kit for COVID-19 Mutations
Detection Kit for COVID-19 Mutations (PCR Fluorescence Probe)

Singuway’s Detection Kit for COVID-19 Mutations (PCR Fluorescence Probe) uses real-time PCR fluorescence technology to detect COVID-19 directly and recognize other mutations, such as the B.1.1.7 (U.K. variant), B.1.351 (South Africa variant) and P.1 (Brazil variant).
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COVID-19 IgG/IgM Detection Kit (Colloidal Gold)

El kit de detección de IgG/IgM COVID-19 (oro coloidal) requiere una gota de muestra de sangre, suero o plasma para obtener resultados en 10 minutos. La tarjeta de prueba contiene un nuevo antígeno de coronavirus y un anticuerpo coloidal marcado con oro.
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Nucleic Acid Detection Kit For COVID-19 (PCR Fluorescence Probe)

Este kit utiliza tecnología de fluorescencia de PCR en tiempo real para detectar el ácido nucleico de pacientes con síntomas similares a la convección, pacientes con neumonía grave y pacientes con COVID-19.
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COVID-19 Ag Test (Colloidal Gold) Kit

El kit de análisis de Ag para la COVID-19 (oro coloidal) se basa en el principio de reacción anticuerpo-antígeno altamente específico y tecnología de análisis inmunocromatográfico de etiquetado con oro coloidal.
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SARS-CoV-2 Flu A/B Detection Kit
Detection Kit for 2019-nCov/FluA/FluB (PCR Fluorescence Probe)

Singuway's Detection Kit for 2019-nCov/FluA/FluB (PCR Fluorescence Probe) is mainly used to detect influenza A / B virus, and novel coronavirus that easily cause flu symptoms in winter. The reagent simultaneously detects H1N1, H3N2, H1N1 (2009), H7N9, Victoria and Yamagata subtypes of Influenza B.
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Nucleic Acid Extractor

Singu48 is a nucleic acid extractor that uses the magnetic bead extraction method for samples of whole blood, serum, plasma, throat swab, puncture fluid, etc., and has a throughput of 48 samples with an extraction time of 9-18 minutes. It has a magnetic beads recovery rate of more than 98% and comes with a built-in ultraviolet lamp for disinfection.
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Nucleic Acid Extractor (Magnetic Bead Method)

Modelo: Singu20
Nucleic Acid Extractor (Magnetic Bead Method)


The Singu20 Nucleic Acid Extractor uses the magnetic bead method to extract nucleic acid, which takes about 9-18 minutes from loading sample to completing the extraction. The device is disinfected by ultraviolet lamp to avoid pollution, making it suitable for various medical environment places, and finishing the extraction process anytime and anywhere.



• Method: Magnetic Bead method

• Sample Type: Virus DNA/RNA, bacteria, TB in sputum, whole blood,etc.

• Extraction Time: 8-13 minutes

• Channel: 4

• Storage Temperature: Room Temperature

• Magnetic Beads Recovery Rate: More than 98%

• Sensitivity: 50-100 copies/ml

• Disinfection: Built-in Ultraviolet Lamp

• CV: Less Than 3% Solicite información

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