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ELISA Mini Workstation

Modelo: Crocodile 5-in-one
ELISA Mini Workstation


Crocodile 5-in-one is an all-in-one ELISA mini workstation that provides the same functionality as five individual instruments in a footprint similar to a stand-alone-reader. Using Crocodile reduces assay times by eliminating the need to move plates between dispenser, washer, incubator, shaker and reader.

Características: Especificaciones:


• Total flexibility
• Walkaway automation
• Convenient assay report generation
• Plug and play
• Validation made easy
• Easy maintenance and reliable service
• Convenient PC software


• Sample format: 1 x 96-well microplate (ANSI SLAS)
• Power supply: Desktop power supply and power cord. Input 110-240 V AC, output 24 V/3.3 A DC
• Dimensions (W x D x H): 263 x 626 x 258 mm
• Weight: 14.8 kg
• Interface: USB
• Operating temperature: 10-35° C
• Humidity: Up to 75% (non-condensing) Solicite información

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