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Surgery Light
Avante SLS 6000

The Avante SLS 6000 surgery light is a reliable, economical halogen light that has been proven effective through years of use in operating rooms. Adjustable illumination, a high color temperature, and multiple mounting options make this light ideal for surgical procedures. The Avante SLS 6000 is available as portable unit, single or dual-head ceiling mount, or single-head wall mount.
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Shadowless Surgery Light
Avante SLS 9000 Plus

The Avante SLS 9000 Plus is a shadowless surgery light designed for bright, long-lasting illumination and provides up to 140,000 Lux at maximum intensity and is rated for 50,000 hours of LED life. Using the on board LCD touchscreen, clinicians can easily adjust the illumination intensity, color temperature and Chromogenic index.
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Manual Hydraulic Operating Table
DIXION Surgery 8500

The DIXION Surgery 8500 is a manual hydraulic operating table that is equipped with a safe and reliable hydraulic system for height and section position adjustment. The table has five main sections with radiotransparent cover and comes with stainless steel and durable covers that are easy to clean and sterilize.
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LED Surgical Light
DIXION Convelar 1650 LED/1670 LED/1675 LED/1677 LED

The DIXION Convelar 1650 LED/1670 LED/1675 LED/1677 LED surgical lights are energy-saving with an increased lifespan of more than 50,000 hours and have a light field diameter of up to 350 mm. Its optimally positioned light source provides enough coverage of the surgical field even with a partial shade and the design of the light heads provides focusing of the light field over 1.4 m.
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Electrohydraulic Operating Table
DIXION Surgery 8800/8800S

The DIXION Surgery 8800/8800S electrohydraulic operating table with electromotion facilitates various adjustments in positions and allows the table to quickly return to a horizontal position. Designed for a wide range of surgeries, its large-scale elevation enables examination for C-arm ­ uoroscopy and it comes with a built-in kidney bridge for kidney operations.
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Atrium Retractor
Valve XS Atrium Retractor

The Valve XS Atrium Retractor is designed for minimally invasive heart valve surgery and features V-shaped retractor blades. It also features an additional single use lateral blade for mitral valve along with a clamping lever that locks the retractor blades securely.
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Drill Surgical Power Tool
AESCULAP Acculan 4

AESCULAP Acculan 4 is a battery-operated drill surgical power system for orthopedics, traumatology, cardiothoracic surgery and dermatology with a rounded organic shape for the grip area. The handle incorporates the battery that avoids a bulky compartment and its titanium housing makes it suitable for mechanical cleaning.
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High Flow Insufflator

The AESCULAP Flow 50 High Flow Insufflator, with a flow rate of 50 liters, is versatile and – thanks to its various indication modes – can be used in visceral surgery, bariatric surgery, pediatrics, endoscopically assisted cardiac surgery and endoscopic vein removal. Additionally, it offers an integrated smoke evacuation and an optional gas heating function.
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Minor Surgical Light
Astralite Telescopic

Astralite Telescopic is a high performance minor surgical light on a mobile base with an adjustable height stand and a vertical range of 1,100-1,800 mm. It has an LED life of greater than 50,000 hours for low life-time costs and a light head that is sealed against the ingress of dirt and liquids to prevent contamination, making it ideal for gynecology applications in small examination rooms and emergency areas.
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Brachytherapy C-Arm Table
C-Arm Table 810

The Brachytherapy C-Arm Table 810 is designed and equipped specifically for seed implantation procedures and features a radiolucent extension that provides capability for brachytherapy treatment involving the upper body and general C-Arm applications. Motorized actuation of height, X-Y, lateral roll and Trendelenburg motions of the tabletop, with pre-programmed features, ensure quick and safe tabletop positioning during any phase of a procedure.
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Operating Table
Dr. Max 5800 Series

The Dr. Max 5800 Series operating table features a built-in kidney bridge that provides the operation outside of sterile field on the left or right side of the head-end which helps to avoid interference of surgical procedures and contamination of the sterile field. Additionally, its new electronic control system has high anti-interference performance, stability, and safety.
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Mobile Surgical Light

The OLM9680 mobile surgical light is flexible to use and has low environmental requirements. Featuring advanced technology, powerful functions and a slim body, it is suitable for emergency treatment, auxiliary lighting, emergency backup lighting, etc.
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LED Light Source
Ackermann Fusion LED Light Source

The Ackermann Fusion LED light source is intended for use by doctors during surgical endoscopy or diagnostic procedures and offers ease of use, power of lighting and manual fine adjustment of the light intensity. It is fitted with an electronic iris with fiber optic detection, an automatic thermal protection system, a powerful level memory and an iris mode to shut off the light emission.
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Mobile Surgical Lights
Convelar 1603 LED/1605 LED/1607 LED

The Convelar 1603 LED/1605 LED/1607 LED mobile surgical lights are floor standing interventional shadowless lamps that meet the requirements of different surgeries and first-aid stations. Its CAD design multi-LED-lighting beam produces up to 160 000 Lx central illumination and 4500 K color temperature, which is close to natural light. Backup power (optional) provides up to two hours of normal use in power failure condition.
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Suspension System
Hybrid Central Axis

The Hybrid Central Axis suspension system can support up to two arms, each able to suspend up to 21 kg / 46.3 lbs., and is equipped with extra long extension arms to give it an extended and stable reach. With 360° rotation (330° with rotation stop) and multiple arm lengths, the hybrid central axis allows great flexibility for room planning and equipment placement demands.
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