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Real-Time Diagnostics Onscreen Viewer
GEMweb Live

GEMweb Live is a real-time onscreen viewer that consolidates results from four Werfen systems in the cardiovascular operating room (CVOR). These comprehensive test results, all on one screen, enable faster clinical decision-making to help improve patient care. Displaying results rapidly, GEMweb Live helps guide goal-directed management and other critical intraoperative needs, before, during and after surgery.
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Surgical Light

L6 surgical light features natural light mixing technology based on the conventional LED light source that integrates the light source with four different color shades into one lamp bead and pre-mixed in the convex lens to maintain a stable white light throughout the lighting path. This provides a more intense color rendering effect than conventional light sources. Doctors can choose to focus on different tissue structures such as heart, blood vessels, fat, etc. to enhance the display effect of the key tissues and weaken the color rendering of other tissues.
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White Light Endoscopic Imaging System
OptoMedic104K WhtNavi White Light Endoscopic Imaging System

The OptoMedic 104K WhtNavi white light endoscopic imaging system is intended to be used with endoscope, monitor, endo-intervention accessories, and other auxiliary equipment for real-time visible observation, diagnosis, treatment and image recording. 4K high resolution offers more accurate qualitative white light imaging without flickering or delay, and its patented intelligent dimming technology can prevent biological thermal burns.
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Mobile Suction Unit

The SU-305 mobile suction unit with a user-friendly design is ideal for use in the OR and general ward during suction biopsy, surgery, endometrial curette, OB/GYN and abortion etc. Its strong vacuum aspiration regulated from zero to the maximum makes it capable of a sustained performance for all purposes.
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Medical Digital Video Recorder

The IPS720 medical digital video recorder offers HD photo capture (up to 1920x1080p) and medical session video recording (up to 1080p 60Hz). The system will simultaneously record to the 2-terabyte internal hard disk drive and an external USB flash drive. User interface control is managed through the screen and buttons on front of the unit, or an external monitor with either touchscreen or mouse and keyboard.
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Surgical Monitor

The FS-P2603D surgical monitor offers the optimal visualization requirements demanded in today’s OR and allows medical professionals to view crystal clear images from a variety of locations in the room. It accepts a large selection of video signal types, analog or digital and also features rapid signal detection of imaging sources found in the OR, making it compatible with nearly every surgical video integration application, old or new.
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Benchtop Washer Disinfector
SciCan Hydrim C61 WD

The SciCan Hydrim C61 WD benchtop washer disinfector is the world's most advanced benchtop washer disinfector for the effective cleaning and disinfection of contaminated instruments. The washer disinfector is ideal for smaller workplaces where space is at a premium.
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Suction Pump

The ESM 2 suction pump allows the type of activation and degree of suction to be adjusted via the interface of the ERBEJET 2. Activation occurs either simultaneous to the application of the waterjet. The suction pump can be programmed to continue running for a certain time after waterjet is no longer activated.
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Irrigation Pump

The EIP 2 irrigation pump for endoscopic procedures provides a pulsed jet of sterile water for improved procedural site visualization. It is ideal for rinsing substances such as blood and fecal matter from the procedural site and instruments.
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Hydrosurgery Device

The ERBEJET 2 dissects sharply and precisely with minimal trauma to fibrin–rich structures such as vessels, nerves and ducts. It offers enhanced anatomic visibility, uncovering structures not commonly identified using other techniques – including blunt dissection. The ultimate in precision and tissue-selectivity, the ERBEJET 2 produces no heat and can be used to define anatomy and dissection planes prior to transection.
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Tower Visualization Solution
NuBOOM Ultra4

The NuBOOM Ultra4 tower visualization solution has best-in-class, 6-axis positioning of up to five boom monitors within the operating field with the ability to deliver more patient information and image presentation in brilliant images from multiple sources simultaneously. NuBOOM Ultra4 includes DOCS, CV Medical's proprietary touch screen, software, offering easy-to-use controls from a wireless tablet that can be carried throughout the OR, or mounted in a locking desk-stand.
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Endoscopy Camera
3 in 1 Combo Endoscopy Camera

The 3 in 1 Combo Endoscopy Camera features a SONY 1/1.9” IMX CMOS and a camera resolution of 1920 x 1080P. It comes with a 15.6” LCD medical level screen having a resolution of 3840 x 2619.
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Disinfection Soak Stations for Endoscopes

GUS disinfection soak stations for endoscopes enable manual high-level disinfection of endoscopes to protect staff and patients from toxic fumes, while helping meet The Joint Commission and OSHA standards. GUS stations are compatible with all disinfectants (OPA, glutaraldehyde, hydrogen peroxide).
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Single-Use 4K, Battery Operated Arthroscope

The Gen II NUVIS Single-Use Arthroscope is a first-of-its-kind 4K endoscope designed for use in arthroscopic surgical procedures that features a patent pending simplified optical train design which reduces the number of optical elements by over 60% while boosting image quality to 4K. The single-use, 4K, battery operated cordless arthroscope is FDA 501(k) cleared, CE marked, and is also compatible with most installed video towers. It will support a 4K camera system without requiring additional capital equipment and has a built-in battery powered LED, which eliminates the light box and bulky light cord.
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Arthroscopy Ablator
NuTouch RF

The NuTouch RF is a high efficiency arthroscopy ablator that is the first to address the efficiency/power differential with its proprietary NUTOUCH Advanced Power Technology (APT). The dramatic increase in efficiency allows it to operate at lower power levels than comparable ablators, achieving aggressive ablation quickly with reduced potential for thermal injury to the patient.
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