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Sismatec manufactures OR and ICU equipment, including surgical tables (electro-hydraulic and mechanical-hydraulic), halogen and LED surgical lights (ceiling mounted, stand types and wall mounted), saws and drills for osteotomy, cameras, and surgical monitors.
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Electro - Hydraulic Operating Table
Multifunctional Mastertec 15 Eletro-Hydraulic

APPLICATION The Mastertec 15 Electro Hydraulic Operating Table was developed based on a Multifunctional concept. Built to respond to surgeries in minor, medium and major terms. It allows the surgeon to have the best position towards the patient based on the intervention required. Regulated by NBR IEC 60601-2-46. Brazilian Health Department registration: 10250260011 CE Certification Soft and precise movements performed by a wired remote control or on the panel located on the table base which is protected against radiofrequency interference. The head section has manual regulation; push the lever on the central base to move the head section. The leg sections are horizontally movable and completely released by easily using the maniples. The equipment has a safety system that locks the wheels, while the table top is being used in any other position than the zero one. On the lowest position, the wheels are unlocked allowing the equipment movement. The table top is radio translucid perfect for the use of x-rays and C-arm. An optional accessory allows the use of an X-ray support to take x-rays during the surgery to ease in a way that is not necessary to move the patient in order to place the x-ray plate on the head section table’s lateral. When the X-ray is necessary on the seat section, the accessory Extension Table Pad allows it to place the patient into an x-ray area to perform surgeries on the inferior or superior members. The Mastertec 15 batteries are sealed to avoid production of gas in the operating room. Strong structure, the column is made of steel with hard chromo, the base, the elevator, and seat section are covered with stainless steel (Chromium nickel steel) The articulations (legs and back), side rails and table top lateral plates are also made of stainless steel (Chromium nickel steel) MOVEMENTS/ANGLES/POSITIONS Head up/down 0°-30°/0°-90° Leg up/down 0°-35°/0°-70° Lateral-left/right 0°-20°/0°-20° Back up/down 0°-65°/0°-30° Trendelemburg/reverse 0°-20°/0°-20° Abdominal Flexion Semi-sited Lithotomic Horizontal Abdominal Extension Thyroid Operation Semi-flexion of legs and tight Leg Inversion Leg Rotation OPTIONAL ACESSORIES Extension Table Pad Cassette Holder X- ray Tray Instrument Carrier Lateral Decubitus Femur Traction Obstetric Attachment Urological/RTU Attachment X- Ray Lateral support Neuro Adaptor Transferitec Shin Traction Body Strap Wristlet Accessories Trolley Tight Support Hand Traction Shoulder Surgery Attachment Smaller Head Support Infusion Stand Kidney Elevator TECHNICAL INFORMATION Maximum Height [mm]1.010 Frequency [Hz] 50/60 Net Weight [kg] 245 Minimum Height [mm]810 Potency [W]400 Noise Level [dBA]72 Table Top thickness [mm] 2.080 x 610 Emergency System 03 bat 12 v/ 7 a Power Tension [V]220 Length/ Width [mm]50 Wheels Diameter [pol]03 - 05 Remote Control [unity]01 Maximum Height [mm]1.020 x 590 Load Capacity [kg] 350
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Ceiling Surgical Light

Ceiling Surgical Light


The LED DUPLEX 4LE-4LE is a ceiling surgical light designed to provide effective and flexible lighting in the operative theatre, with adjustable color, temperature and luminous intensity via an adjust dimmer placed in the dome arch. It comprises an optical plate composed of five segments, each featuring 18 power LEDS for a total of 72 power LEDS per dome, to ensure ideal lighting conditions for video surgeries by reducing eye fatigue.

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