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Nasal Irrigation Adapter

The Schnozzle nasal irrigation adapter for irrigation of the nasal passages of kids and adults is designed to flush out the nasal passages of patients so they can breathe more easily. It eliminates the need for frequent suctioning which does not adequately clear the nasal passages and can be traumatic.
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Avoximeter 4000

The Avoximeter 4000 is a portable whole blood co-oximeter that provides rapid, accurate assessment of true oxygenation status at the bedside in less than 10 seconds. It can be used in the ER to assess carbon monoxide toxicity, in the NICU to confirm the presence of methemoglobin following nitric oxide therapy, or in other critical cCare applications.
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GE Aisys Carestation

GE Aisys Carestation controla y mide digitalmente la ventilación, la vaporización y el suministro de gas. Con un diseño modular con componentes actualizables, sus pantallas están unidas a un brazo móvil con rotación de 360 grados.
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Airway Clearance System

The PneuVest airway clearance system is designed to improve secretion clearance, stabilize or improve pulmonary functions, and reduce the incidence of pneumonia and related hospitalization. It allows for automatic adjustment of pressure and frequency to improve patient experience and comes with a remote one-stop button for safety and reliability.
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El Kool-Kit contiene tres mantas y envolturas de enfriamiento de alta calidad, y las mangueras autosellantes evitan que el agua se derrame. El diseño de flujo de las mantas/envolturas asegura que la terapia se administrará constantemente independientemente del paciente.
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ECG Detector

The mECG-101 portable ECG detector is suitable for adult users to detect, record and replay their own heart rate and ECG waveform. It has a high ECG sampling rate and supports connection with an Android smart phone and tablet to conduct ECG detection directly via the device.
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Oro-Nasal Mask
6700 Series

The 6700 series V2 is an adult oro-nasal (full face) bi-level ventilation mask with anti-asphyxia valve (AAV), no exhaust vents, swivel port and headgear. Meant for single patient use and available in five sizes, it includes a TPE face mask, polycarbonate (yellow) swivel port and AAV.
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Enteral Feeding Pump

The EP-60 is an enteral feeding pump that is easy to feed and safe to use, and comes with an auto anti-occlusion feature. Other features include a four-inch touchscreen, robust housing and optional heater.
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iE 10

El iE 10 permite una vista horizontal o vertical y una batería recargable incorporada ofrece hasta cuatro horas de trabajo continuo. Otras características incluyen hasta 300 segundos de análisis de ritmo y almacenamiento integrado para hasta 1.500 archivos.
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Respiratory Humidifier
7000 Series

The 7000 Series Respiratory Humidifier provides a further option for active humidification and offers one-touch mounting of a humidification chamber and auto modes with pre-set temperatures. Other features include an alarm location panel, configurable temperature display and an additional manual mode that allows clinicians to select the desired temperatures.
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Anesthetic Face Mask

ClearLite is a range of single use anesthetic face masks available in seven sizes to meet the clinical needs of all patient types and sizes. Due to its enhanced anatomical design, it offers superior seal performance with minimum pressure, reducing the risk of unnecessary discomfort or potential trauma.
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Handheld Doppler
Sonicaid Digital SR2/SR3

The Sonicaid Digital SR2/SR3 high sensitivity handheld Dopplers with fixed 2MHz or 3MHz are intended for general purpose screening of the fetal heart during all stages of pregnancy from as early as 8-10 weeks, right through to labor. The attached probes are waterproof (IPX7) for high sensitivity FHR detection in both normal use and in waterbirth monitoring and offer dynamic digital noise reduction.
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Fetal Monitor
Sonicaid BD4000xs Series

The Sonicaid BD4000xs Series fetal monitors provides solutions for all areas of antenatal fetal monitoring using state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology with enhanced FHR performance. With a compact size and styling that belie its ruggedness and robust design, it provides the most cost effective and flexible solution for all fetal monitoring needs.
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Fetal/Maternal Monitor
Sonicaid Team 3 Series

The Sonicaid Team 3 Series fetal/maternal monitor is easy to use and intuitive via the icon-driven touchscreen, and displays the fetal heart rate as “Big Numbers”. It provides cost-effective, reliable and accurate fetal/maternal monitoring and comes with a stylish design that does not dominate the bedside, but continues to offer a clear visual of the fetus status.
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Anesthesia System
Conquest Vertex

The Conquest Vertex anesthesia system offers increased capacity, featuring a calibrated vaporizer with a 340mL reservoir and a valve filter with bellows and a capacity of up to 2,00mL. The versatile unit is configurable for operating in low, medium and high complexity environments and is designed for surgical centers in accordance with the requirements of healthcare service providers.
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