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Infrared Thermometer
Infrared Thermometer

Perry Health’s Infrared Thermometer measures body temperature in both Celsius as well as Fahrenheit. The FDA approved thermometer comes without batteries and with each piece in an individual box and 120 boxes per carton.
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Vital Signs Monitor

The V20 vital signs monitor features an intuitive and clear LCD Touch Display and can be connected to any hospital network (LAN or Wi-Fi) for convenient patient data management. It can be used in hospitals, medical institutions and ambulances for reliable and efficient patient vital sign monitoring in all environments.
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Patient Monitor

The C70 Modular Patient Monitor incorporates a highly-integrated modular design that allows quick dismount, easy maintenance and fast functional upgrade. Any one or more modules can be combined to meet the changing demands in clinical applications, making it highly suitable for the ICU and OR.
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Glucose Meters
StatStrip® and StatStrip Xpress®2 Glucose Meters

StatStrip®Glucose is the only glucose monitoring system cleared by the FDA for use in all patients, including the critically ill, for capillary, venous, or arterial samples. Hospitals benefit from using one meter and one process for all patients with streamlined clinical decision making, workflow, and testing.
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Vascular Disease Software
BlueDop Vascular Expert Software

BlueDop Vascular Expert Software is a proprietary software that provides healthcare professionals actionable information including ABI, perfusion pressure and vascular reserve. Combined with an integrated visual triaging algorithm, it helps easily determine limb preservation. This information will then aid the health care worker in the next steps for the patient’s care. With it's simple approach, even non-specialized health care workers can be trained to interpret complex medical results.
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Doppler Probe
BlueDop Egg

The BlueDop Egg is a hermetically sealed bi-directional Doppler Probe that does more than the traditional vascular probe. The BlueDop Egg pairs with the BlueDop Vascular Expert Kit, which consists of a commercially available tablet computer loaded with the patented BlueDop Medial Vascular Expert Software.
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Vascular Disease Test
BlueDop Vascular Expert Kit

The BlueDop Vascular Expert kit accurately and effectively detects lower limb arterial disease by using a patented process to determine ankle blood pressure from a simple Doppler signal “without a blood pressure cuff at the ankle” to determine an Ankle-Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI). The kit, which includes the BlueDop Egg, a tablet computer pre-loaded with BlueDop Vascular Expert software, a protective case and a charging base for the BlueDop Egg, goes further to unlock information to reveal whether patients have mild, moderate or severe disease.
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High Flow Heated Respiratory Humidifier

The NF5 high flow heated respiratory humidifier uses smart temp and humidity monitoring and closed-loop feedback mechanism to provide patients with accurate high-flow nasal O2 therapy (HFNC), which has greater advantages over conventional O2 therapy. Its 2-80L/min wide range flow control can effectively flush the dead space (physiology), avoid CO2 retention, meet the treatment requirement of both infants and adults, clinically suitable for patients at different ages.
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DS-8007 System

The DS-8007 System can be used as a super module, transport monitor or a bedside monitor. The hybrid monitor for various monitoring environments features a 7-inch color LCD and can be operated for five hours on battery.
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ECG Machine

The FCP-8100/FX-8100 resting electrocardiograph machine weighs only 1.2 kg and is smaller than A4 size, but enables superior performance and allows a wide range applications. One of the smallest and lightest ECG units on the market, its large 7-inch widescreen LCD offers unparalleled ease of use for checking patient data as well as clear, accurate and real-time ECG waveforms up to 12 leads at a time.
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HAMILTON-C1/T1/MR1 v3.0.x

The software update v3.0.x brings many new features and improvements to the HAMILTON-C1, HAMILTON-T1, and HAMILTON-MR1 ventilators that combine big performance with a compact size, making them ideal companions for all patient groups in different applications.
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Heart-Lung Support System
Cardiohelp System

The Cardiohelp System is a small and lightweight heart-lung support system suitable for all indications requiring extracorporeal circulation for cardiopulmonary support. Highly portable, it can be used for up to 30 days in cases of myocardial or respiratory failure and can be rapidly deployed for transport of patients requiring respiratory and / or circulatory support.
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FRED easy Life

The FRED easy Life automated external defibrillator gives simple, clear and detailed audio and visual instructions to guide the rescuer safely through the entire procedure of resuscitation. A metronome indicates the right rhythm to perform efficient chest compressions.
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Infusion Pump System
BeneFusion 5 Series

The BeneFusion 5 Series infusion pump system streamlines workflow via a 3.5" colored capacitive touchscreen, which features an intuitive UI for smooth touch operation. Fast preparation is also made possible using SmartRapid technology, which significantly shortens start-up time to less than 10 seconds from being switched on to administering the first drop of medication. Meanwhile, the SafeDose drug management system enhances efficiency with color-coded visualizations to assist users in easily selecting and verifying the correct drug for treatment, and prevents dosing errors with hard or soft limit restrictions.
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Manual Resuscitator

The REVIVATOR Res-Q adult manual resuscitators are characterized by easy handling, high touch sensitivity and long durability. The 360º rotation freedom of the mask and patient valve allows comfortable ventilation from any position. Manufactured from high quality materials such as silicone and polycarbonate, they are the perfect ally for adult ventilation in emergency situations or as equipment in ambulances and hospitals.
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