Maquet provides practice-oriented monitoring systems and disposables for the diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients. The company’s portable CCU solutions help hospitals achieve cost-effective and sustainable patient outcomes.
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Modelo: Flow-iC20


The Flow-iC20 ventilator uses technology that combines high power with high sensitivity and accuracy to gently optimize gas exchange in the lungs and minimize the risk of complications. is The ventilator with its intuitive 15-inch rotatable and tiltable touchscreen is easy to move, position and configure and can be placed anywhere around the OR table, ensuring the screen is in reach.

Características: Especificaciones:


• 15-inch tiltable touch screen - Flexible and intuitive to use
• Open architecture - Customize to match your needs
• Rotatable arm - With integrated LED light
• Electronic vaporizers in double slots - Fast and precise delivery of anesthetic agents. Lightweight and possible to fill during use. Holds 300 ml. No heating time for Desflurane
• Multipurpose rails - Extensive mounting option
• Next-generation Flow core technology - Reduces the need for an ICU ventilator in the OR
• Lung recruitment (option) - Automated and stepwise, or manual; EIP, PEEP and Cdyn displayed in real time
• Low-flow anesthesia - Fresh Gas Flow (FGF) limit: 0.1 l/min
• Active hypoxic guard - O2Guard actively intervenes when there is risk of hypoxia, providing added safety at low flows
• Pause function - Temporarily stops gas flows and ventilation, giving time to focus on the patient
• Battery backup and size - 90 minutes for added safety in case of power failure; Footprint: 99 x 69 cm
• Easy cleaning and service - Just 7 parts need to be dismantled for cleaning
• Low cost of ownership - Modern, easily upgradable platform; Maintenance free components


• Ventilator: Flow core technology
• Tidal volume: 20–2000 ml
• Pressure: 0 –120 cmH2O
• Fresh Gas Flow (FGF) limit: 0.1 l/min
• Volume Control
• Pressure Control
• O2Guard
• MAC Brain
• AGC (Option)
• VRI (Volume Reflector Indicator)
• Lung recruitment (Option)
• Pause function
• PBW, HLM, agent usage
• AFGO (Option)
• Light: Dimmable, stepless
• USB: 1 data
• Drawers: 1-3
• Workspace (in no. of 250 ml Sevoflurane bottles that can be placed): 44
• Cable management
• Rails: 260 cm
• Wheels: Individual brakes
• Simple cleaning - only 7 parts to disassemble
• The Flow intuitive user interface
• SCO with few interactions
• Gas backup (option): 2+1
• Battery backup: 90 minutes
• Active vaporizer slots: 2 Solicite información

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