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Comen Medical manufactures medical devices for electro-physiology monitoring, ECG diagnosis, ultrasonic maternal and fetal monitoring, anesthesia, neonatal nursing and ORs. The company has developed specialized monitors such as transport monitor, emergency monitor and cardiovascular monitor, which are ideal for medica ...
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Neonatal Incubator

Modelo: B8/B6
Neonatal Incubator


The B8/B6 neonatal incubator provides a state- of- the-art neonatal environment that promotes natural,
peaceful healing, along with powerful functions, artistic external appearance and easy operation. It provides stable temperature, suitable humidity and O2 concentration to newborns, and double guarantees the control of temperature through seven channels of detection.



• Two- way incubator temperature detection and infant temperature detection

• Bed, environment and heat source temperature detection

• 7 channels temperature collection

• Intelligent variable resistance heating technology

• 3 independent over temperature protection

• Humidity control technology

• Oxygen concentration control technology

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