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Comen Medical manufactures medical devices for electro-physiology monitoring, ECG diagnosis, ultrasonic maternal and fetal monitoring, anesthesia, neonatal nursing and ORs. The company has developed specialized monitors such as transport monitor, emergency monitor and cardiovascular monitor, which are ideal for medica ...
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Anaesthesia Machine

Modelo: AX-600
Anaesthesia Machine


The AX-600 anesthesia machine with advanced ventilation mode and outstanding ergonomic design is designed for inhalation anesthesia and respiratory management in adults, children and infants. Real time measuring for airway pressures, flow, volumes, compliance and resistance of breath offer a intuitive tool to detect leaking, airway obstruction and optimal ventilated parameters adjustment.



• Easy to read and operate

• Reasonable division of parameter setting and parameter monitoring zone; Max 2-level menu to complete all observation and operation

• Minimum tidal volume down to 5ml

• High precision flow sensor to monitor both inspiration and aspiration at the same time with accuracy of 7%

• Leakage rate of less than 65ml/minutes fully satisfies requirement of low flow rate anesthesia surgery and reduces environmental pollution

• 12.1-inch four-way rotating touchscreen

• Proportional Solenoid valve control technology and precise volume sensor detection technology

• SIMV/SIMV+PS simplify the monitoring of patient with spontaneous breath and extend clinical applications

• Advanced pressure support ventilation (PSV+ apnea backup) determines inspiratory velocity based on
patient’s condition

• Compliance, fresh air and leakage compensation functions ensure exact tidal volume transferred as preset

• Comprehensive respiratory mechanics monitoring, real-time display of waveforms and P-V, F-V and P-F loop

• Electronic PEEP

• Electronic flow meter

• Flow meter back light

• Excellent breathing system

• One-hand installation and dismount of soda lime canister

• Roomy workbench, rotatable and lockable roomy drawer

• Brightness adjustable deck light

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