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Comen Medical manufactures medical devices for electro-physiology monitoring, ECG diagnosis, ultrasonic maternal and fetal monitoring, anesthesia, neonatal nursing and ORs. The company has developed specialized monitors such as transport monitor, emergency monitor and cardiovascular monitor, which are ideal for medica ...
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Patient Monitor

Modelo: STAR8000F
Patient Monitor


The STAR8000F patient monitor features a 12.1-inch LCD touch screen with low power consumption and
longer battery life, along with support for mouse and keyboard operation. Comen’s patented blood pressure interface makes it more convenient to plug and its large capacity storage supports data saving.



• Use of ADI’s integrated analog front- end (ASIC) chip instead of traditional components

• Supports external laser printer with A4 paper reports; supports alarm trigger print function

• Built-in high capacity lithium battery with increased battery life

• High-lighting and independent blood pressure buttons for more convenience

• Modular design of the plates

• System software can be upgraded without disassembling the machine

• Multiple working modes options

• NIBP assisted venipuncture

• Other bed observation interface

• ECG cascade interface

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