Comen Medical

Comen Medical manufactures medical devices for electro-physiology monitoring, ECG diagnosis, ultrasonic maternal and fetal monitoring, anesthesia, neonatal nursing and ORs. The company has developed specialized monitors such as transport monitor, emergency monitor and cardiovascular monitor, which are ideal for medica ...
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Neonatal Ventilator

Modelo: NV8
Neonatal Ventilator


The NV8 neonatal ventilator offers a variety of non-invasive nasal ventilation modes along with advanced apnea wakeup and automatic leakage compensation functions. Its integrated ventilation solutions provide SNIPPV/NIPPV, NCPAP and HFNC modes for safe ventilator weaning, while its iFlow Intelligent system ensures delivery of accurate, safe and fresh gas.

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Comen Medical (Neonatal Ventilator)
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