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ESR Analyzer

The VISION automatic ESR analyzer makes use of primary EDTA tubes and delivers results in 20 minutes, providing assigned value and L-J chart of Bio-Rad control. It offers unique real time ESR curve display and temperature-corrected ESR results, along with excellent Westergren correlation.
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Immunofluorescence Reader

The UNICELL-S immunofluorescence reader delivers results in three to 15 minutes using serum, plasma or whole blood sample types. It features a built-in touch screen and thermal printer, and provides reagent information via ID card and reagent barcode. Test items include cTnI/CK-MB/Myo, cTnI, CK-MB, Myo, NT-proBNP, D-Dimer, PCT, CRP, AMH, Inhibin B, HbA1c, 25-OH Vitamin D, etc.
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Monotest ELISA Test Kits
UNION Monotest Immune Analyzer

YHLO's ELISA Test Panel for the UNION Monotest immune analyzer can test for various ELISA parameters, including autoimmunity, infectious diseases, reproductive health, and routine such as tumor markers, anemia and allergy, thyroid and bone metabolism, among others
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Immunoblot (LIA) Test Kits
Tenfly Phoenix Automated Immunoblot Blot Analyzer

YHLO's Immunoblot (LIA) Test Panel for the Tenfly Phoenix automated immunoblot analyzer comprises immunoblot strips intended for ANA, diabetes, liver and vasculitis tests.
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Immunoblot Analyzer
Tenfly Phoenix

The Tenfly Phoenix is a fully automated immunoblot analyzer that offers fully automatic sample loading, 50 sample positions with barcode reading and 60 reagent positions. It allows for up to three different assays to be tested within one batch and features user-friendly operation software along with automatic drying, scanning and reading.
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Chemiluminescence (CLIA) Test Kits
iFlash 1800 / iFlash 3000 / iModules

YHLO's CLIA Test Panel for iFlash 1800 / iFlash 3000 / iModules can test for more than 114 CLIA parameters, including autoimmunity, reproductive health, infectious diseases and diabetes.
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Chemiluminescence Analyzer
iModules Integration System

The iModules Integration System integrates 2-4 units of iFlash 3000 automatic floor-standing chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer which features a four-step magnetic separation system, combined with vortex type resuspension of magnetic particles to ensure cleaning efficiency. Featuring acridinium ester label technology, it is the latest generation of CLIA platform dedicated to YHLO's comprehensive reagent panels, including autoimmunity, infectious diseases and hormones, etc.
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Hematology Analyzer
Pentra DF Nexus

The Pentra DF Nexus hematology analyzer features autoloader with continuous loading capability and racks compatible with most pre and post analytical systems. Its balance concept enables automatic control of the leukocyte count based on three independent channels and rack rotation allows for smooth and efficient mixing of samples.
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El analizador de química clínica semiautomático, MASTER T, realiza ensayos dicromáticos de punto final, cinéticos, de tiempo fijo, multiestándar, utilizando un sistema abierto para programas definidos por el usuario.
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Electrophoresis Analyzer

The AUTO SCANION is a fully automated system for electrophoresis on cellulose acetate strips. It is suitable for the most common determinations, such as serum proteins, hemoglobins, lipoproteins, and urinary proteins.
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El CLOT S es un coagulómetro de cuatro canales para pruebas como PT, aPTT, fibrinógeno, TT, heparina, AT-III, proteína-S, proteína-C, dímero D y factores de coagulación, utilizando principios avanzados de luz dispersa y análisis porcentual.
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Hematology Analyzer
Pentra XLR

The Pentra XLR is a compact and reliable hematology platform, including reticulocytes by fluorescence, with a throughput of up to 80 samples per hour. It enhances productivity, quality, and flexibility, while increasing expertise in anemia characterization and adds value to the hematology lab.
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Hematology Analyzer
ABX Pentra DF 120 SPS Evolution

The ABX Pentra DF 120 SPS Evolution hematology analyzer features autoloader with continuous loading capability, automatic reflex testing and validation station with cytology atlas. It offers automatic re-run of samples and its balance concept enables automatic control of the leukocyte count based on three independent channels.
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Albumin Analyzer
HemoCue Albumin 201 System

The HemoCue Albumin 201 System is an easy, lab-accurate means of identifying microalbuminuria long before any possible symptoms of renal or vascular complications may appear. It uses patented microcuvette technology which enables quantitative test results right at the point of care and can monitor changes in albumin concentration in a very low range (5-20 mg/L).
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HemoCue Glucose 201+ System

El sistema HemoCue Glucose 201+ fue diseñado para medir los niveles de glucosa utilizando una tecnología única de microcubetas que brinda una alta exactitud y reduce los riesgos de contaminación, ofreciendo una monitorización precisa para un mejor control glucémico.
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