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Disposable SpO2 Sensor 7pin | 9pin

► Micro Foam material,Special design to avoid shifting when binding on finger ► Multi-size optional: Adult / Pediatric / Infant / Neonatal ► Cable lenth: 0.45m (Adult/Pediatric) , 0.9m(Infant/Neonatal) ► Compliance with ISO10993-10 Test for Irritation and Skin Sensitization. ► Compatible for: Nellcor Oximeter(Oximax / no Oximax)
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Reusable SpO2 Sensor, 6 Pin

► For adult, liquid-silicone-technolgy for the finger cover. ► Frequency of use over 500 times by test. ► Cable lenth: 2.8m ► Compatible with Mindray’s most models of patient monitor.
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Reusable SpO2 Sensor, 6pin Lemo Connector

► Adult finger, Clip, ► different circular pin connectors optional ► Internal leather pad, suitable for ergonomic, easier to fix finger position. ► Cable lenth: 2.8m ►Compatible Brands of monitor: PHILIPS, MINDRAY, EDAN, BIOCARE, BIOLIGHT, COMEN, etc.
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Reusable SpO2 Sensor,7pin

► Adult finger, Clip ► Internal leather pad, suitable for ergonomic, easier for finger fix ► Cable lenth: 0.9m ► Compatible with Brand: GE Datex-Ohmeda
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Disposable Pressure Transducer Sets

Consistent and accurate readings during monitoring. Ease of use. With a variety of interface cables available, the pressure transducer can be connected to most types of monitors. Fully integrated flow thru component design simplifies filling and debubbling. Versatile, dual function Snap-Tab allows dynamic response testing.
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ICU Anesthesia Machine with patient monitor,2 vaporizer

PAS-200E Anesthesia Machine, with its ergonomic design, integrates a concise and smooth structure and high mobility. The microcomputer-controlled Ventilator adopts exported sensors and other components. Its scientific and proper design as well as rigorous production process are what demonstrate the inner quality of Poweam products: mechanical ventilation is made secure and visible by the folded respiratory bellows, and the security of air supply guaranteed by pneumatic transmission and measurement system. With multiple modern technologies applied, the Anesthesia Machine is both outstanding in performance and versatile in functions.  The Ventilator adopts microcomputer control with high-definition 8.4” TFT color LCD display, integrating the functions of respiratory control and displaying the monitoring parameters. It is versatile in function and excellent in performance.  The high-precision Vaporizer is designed with a stable concentration output, automatic compensation for pressure, temperature and flow rate. And it is available to choose two kinds of gas from Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, and Sevoflurane, ensuring a successful anesthesia operation.  High-definition five-tube flowmeter (oxygen, nitrous oxide, and air), designed with stoppers for oxygen and nitrous oxide to control the output oxygen concentration.  Reliable pneumatic transmission system.  Economic and proper configuration of technologies, optional as required by the Customer.  Modularized design and upgrading. Upgrading is available as required by the Customer.
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CPR Assistant Support Board

CPR Assistant XFT-0008 is a special shape board with voice prompt. The special shape can keep patient's air way open automatically. The voice prompt and the flashing icon prompt can help the responder do the CPR correctly.
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Mini AED Trainer

Mini AED Trainer XFT-D0009 is designed to effectively train the emergency responders to learn the knowledge how to use the clinical AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). This training unit help responders became familiar with an AED and allow them to demonstrate the basic skills necessary to use an AED in an emergency.
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Defibrillator Trainer

AED trainer (Automatic External Defibrillator Trainer) XFT-120C is designed to prepare the emergency responder to use the clinical Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) in the emergency. This training unit provides a variety of pre-programmed training scenarios which simulates the realistic sudden cardiac arrest situation, which can help the emergency responders to get familiar with the operation of the clinical defibrillator.
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AED Trainer

AED trainer (Automatic External Defibrillator Trainer) XFT-120C+ is designed to effectively train the emergency responder in the use of a clinical Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). This training unit provides a variety of pre-programmed scenarios to help responders become familiar with the defibrillator and allow the to demostrate the basic skills necessary to use the defibrillator in an emergency.
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QA3 Emergency Trolley System – Variable Height

A specially designed version of the QA3 for Accident & Emergency departments is available. This includes an X-ray translucent platform, a medirail and the K8 Pressure Care Mattress. Optional features include a monitor shelf and a Venturi suction system
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AED monitor defibrillator with manual override

AED defibrillator with manual override. 360 Joules, colour screen. For adults and pediatrics. Options such as: - Pulsioximeter. - Pacemaker.
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AED defibrillator

AED defibrillator with 3D realistic images.360 Joules, colour screen. Valid for adult and pediatric. Options of ECG view and manual override.
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CPR Bags Reusable

The Reusable CPR Resuscitation System is a full line of resuscitators manufactured with Silicone and Polysulfone material providing superior lung compliance "feel." This system is fully autoclavable with the exception of certain accessories and replacement items such as the reservoir bag, oxygen tubing and accessories.
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CPR-2 Thermoplastic Bags Disposable

Fills spontaneously after they are squeezed, pulling oxygen or air into the bag - Remains inflated at all times - Can deliver positive pressure ventilation without a compressed gas source - Requires attachment of an oxygen reservoir to deliver 90% - 100% oxygen. In the long run, Mercury Medical® offers you the most comprehensive resuscitation systems designed to manage health care costs more efficiently.
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