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Acute Care Analyzer
Stratus CS 200

The Stratus CS 200 is designed to facilitate rapid decision making and optimal care at the POC for cardiac patients. Key features include simple operation, as well as user-friendly touch screen, barcode reader, and bi-directional connectivity for safe and secure results transmission.
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Vital Signs Solution

The UNISIM vital signs simulator has been linked with the PULS-R SpO2 simulation finger to provide improved vital signs simulation and measurement. The combination of the two systems offers an accurate and convenient all-in-one solution for reliable simulation results.
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Six Channel ECG Machine EM06

●5.7" Color LCD display ●Alphanumeric Keyboard can input paptient information conveniently. ●With pace-maker detection and anti-defibrillation ●Automatic measurement and interpretation tested with authoritative CSE database ●122 kinds of arrhythmia analysis,300 Digital ECG Records ●Last 120 seconds 12-leads waveforms reviewable and recordable ●USB Port for Data Output ●Optional PC based ECG Management Software
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Twelve Channel ECG Machine EM1200B

●12 channel digital ECG machine with 5.7" TFT Color Screen ●Last 120 seconds 12-leads waveforms reviewable and recordable ●300 ECG internal memory, USB Interface for data transmission ●122 kinds of arrhythmia analysis ●Manual/Auto/ Rhythm working modes selectable ●Using high-precision digital filter to avoid ECG waveform distortion and enhance the anti-baseline drift capability to facilitate waveform detection. ●Small unit design with backlight keypad to be used conveniently
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Twelve Channel ECG Machine EM1200A

●8.4 inch (800x600) high-resolution folding touch screen ●Sleep/wake up mode for saving energy and extending LCD and battery life ●Last 120 seconds waveforms reviewable and recordable ●Internal storage for up to 300 digital ECG records ●External printer support and USB socket for data transmission ●122 kinds of arrhythmia analysis ●Pace-maker detection ●Alphanumeric keyboard, single button operation for sampling, analyzing, printing, storage and transfer
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Twelve Channel ECG Machine EM1200

●12.1 inch high-resolution folding up touch-screen ●Sleep/wake up mode for saving energy and extending LCD & battery life ●300 ECG internal memory, USB Interface for data transmission ●122 kinds of arrhythmia analysis ●Last 120 seconds 12-leads waveforms reviewable and recordable ●Waveforms and auto-diagnosis results preview before printing ●Manual/Auto/ Rhythm working modes selectable
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Fingertip Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter MP-F2

●Novel Design ●4-way OLED display of 0.95 inches ●Good anti-wrestling character,still working properly even after dropping from the high place of 1.2m ●24 mm thick ●Net weight:36 g
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Handheld Pulse Oximeter MP-H+

●Parameters: SPO2, TEMP, Pulse Rate, PLETH ●Waveform: SPO2 waveform-PLETH ●Selectable Accessory: pediatric soft tip SpO2 sensor, Neonate/infant wrap SpO2 sensor Specifications: SpO2 ●Measurement range: 0%-100% ●Accuracy : ±2% (70%-100%), ●0%~69% unspecified ●Resolution: 1% Pulse Rate ●Measurement range: 0 bpm -250 bpm ●Accuracy: ±2bpm ●Resolution: 1bpm Temperature (TEMP) ●Channel: 1 ●Measurement range: 0 ℃-50°C ●Accuracy: ±0.2°C ●Resolution: 0.1℃ Display Mode ●LCD screen: 160×128 dot matrix color OLED ●LED indicator: Red and green Dual-color LED Alarm ●Parameters exceeded or sensor-off alarm by audio and visual ●Storage and Review ●Storage/Review trend data up to 3888 groups, data save time being set freely Power Requirements ●Battery type: 3.7V Li-ion echargeable batteries ●Run time: 15hours ●Recharge time: 8hours ●AC adapter:Input-100V-240v, 50HZ/60HZ, 5VA ●Output: DC 5V
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Pulse Oximeter GB

Performance Index SpO2% ●Measurement Range: 0 ~ 100% ●Measurement Accuracy: ±2 % at 70% ~ 100% No indication at 0% ~ 69% Pulse rate ●Measurement Range: 30 BPM ~ 250 BPM ●Measurement Accuracy: ±1 BPM or ±2% whichever is greater Probe type ●LED red wavelength: 660nm ●LED infrared wavelength: 880~940nm Environmental Requirements Temperature Range: ●Operating: (-10 ~ + 40)°C ●Transport/Storage: (- 40 ~ + 55)°C Relative Humidity (noncondensing): ●Operating: 0~93 % ●Transport/Storage: 0~95 % Power Requirements ●Battery: Four standard AA size rechargeable ●Ni-MH batteries are applied on GB,Input voltage: 00~240V AC 50/60Hz, ●Input power:14VA Continuous operating time ●Internal power operating time: ≥10h
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Handheld Pulse Oximeter MP-G

●Two Parameters:SPO2, Pulse Rate ●Small, light, easy for carrying and handling ●Brightness LED displays, easy to read, and the brightness can be adjusted ●AA common alkaline or rechargeable battery ●Audio and visual alarm, and alarm limit can be set ●Automatic Power-off,Battery capacity indicator ●Two colors for option: Yellow and Blue
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Portable Table -Top Oximeter MP-T

●Three Parameters:SPO2,Pulse Rate,TEMP ●SpO2 waveform, PR strength display ● 2.8" color LCD real time display ●Storage/Review trend data more than 3800 groups, data save time interval settable ●Audio and visual alarm; with freely set limit ● Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, up to 8h working time ● Automatic shutdown to save power, shutdown time can be set by users freely ●Via USB to connect PC, unique PC software for telemonitoring by transmitting data synchronously via internet ● Battery capacity indicatior ●Suitable for adult, pediatric, and neonate patients
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Vital Sign Patient Monitor WHY70Bplus

♦ 7” high resolution color TFT LCD display. ♦ Real time S-T segment analysis, pace-maker detection. ♦ Indication of Incorrect manipulation and malfunction analysis. ♦ Patient infomation input management function ♦ Multi-lead ECG waveforms display in phase. ♦ Large volume of tabular and graphic trends information storage and easy to recall. ♦ Capture dynamic waveforms. ♦ Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and HF knife. ♦ 4 hours working capacity with built-in rechargeable lithium battery. ♦ Unique accessory management cabinet. ♦ Networking capacity. Technical parameter: ♦ 4 types configuration is available according to users request: A type:.SpO2, NIBP, HR B type: SpO2, NIBP, HR, ECG, RESP C type: SpO2, NIBP, HR,TEMP D type: SpO2, NIBP, HR, ECG,RESP, TEMP ♦Option: printer: ETCO2, IBP, wall mount, trolley ♦ Machine Size: 17.5*14*30cm N.W: 3.3 kg
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Defibrillator / Monitor D-3000B

●7" color LCD display ●Biphasic defibrillator / monitor ECG: ●ECG lead: I, II, III,, a VR, a VL, a VF, V1-V6 ●S-T segment analysis: –2.0-2.0mv ●Protection: withstand 4000v AV/50HZ voltage in isolation and work against lectrosurgical interence and defibrillation. ●ECG lead/cable: general lead/cable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients Respiration ●Measurement method: Thoracic impedance ●Power: AC 100-220V ●DC 12V intemal Lead-acid battery
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Patient Monitor G6L

●15.1" color TFT LCD screen with multi-channel waveform display ●Lightness and volume are adjustable independently ●Super ability in against electrosurgical interference ●ECG waveform and HR won't be influenced either cutting or burning ●Short time recovering after defibrillation. Especially suitable for use in emergency or operation room ●Unique thoracic impedance & nasal tube double model respiration test method ●Foldable handle makes carry easily, beautiful design ●Unique interface including pop-up menus, dialogue boxes, rotary mouse and remote controller ●Operating menu with multi-language interface selection: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Arabic, Russian, etc. ●Low-power design with stand by mode, rechargeable high-energy built-in battery ●Accurate measurement for blood pressure, with venipuncture function ●Accurately measure SPO2 in low perfusion situation. ●Huge history trend data storage up to 360 hours. ●Drug calculation and pace-maker function. ●Five kinds of fixed display format available include OxyCRG diagram, 7-lead ECG waveform simultaneously, big-font mode etc;5 kinds of customized display format can be defined and restored by user ●Audible & visual alarm available and alarm limits are adjustable ●Suitable for adults, pediatrics and neonates ●Application in bedside and delivery monitoring. Be widely used in patient room, emergency room, operation room, PACU, ICU, and CCU etc. ●WAN communication function to network with central monitoring system ●Standard configuration: ECG, NIBP, SpO2, HR/PR, 2- RESP (RA-LL impedance and nasal cavity), NIBP (with venous punch), 2-TEMP (surface and rectal type), ST analysis, Arrhythmia analysis, rechargeable battery, remote control function ●Optional configuration: Thermal printer, Nellcor SPO2, Masimo SpO2, 2-IBP, Main stream/side stream ETCO2, CO, AG, CSI, wireless network, wall mount, moving cart, 12V power supply
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Patient Monitor POWEAM 2000A

●12. 1" color TFT LCD display, up to waveforms ●One level menu,easy to use ●Parameter including ECG/RESP, SPO2, NIBP, TEMP, Pulse Rate and IBP (optional) ●Maximum 720 hours tabular and graphic trends of all parameters ●Built-in thermal recorder and battery ●Suitable for adult ,pediatric,neonatal patient ●Arrhythmic analysis,ST segment Analysis, pacemaker detection ●Anti-ESU, anti- defibrillator ●Standard network interface,can connect to the central monitor system ●Optional recorder, dual IBP, CO2 etc. ECG ●Lead Mode: I, II, III, AVR, AVL, AVF, V ●Gain: ×0.25, ×0.5, ×1, ×2 ●Sweep Speed: 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s ●Heat Rate: 15 -300 bpm(adult),15 -350 bpm(Neonatal) ●Resolution: 1 bpm ●Accuracy : ± 1% ●ST Segment Range: -2.0 -+2.0 mV ●ARR Detecting:Yes ●Pacemaker:Yes ●Bandwidth: Diagnostic 0.05-130Hz Monitor: 0.5-40Hz Surgery: 1-20Hz SPO2 ●Measuring And Alarm Range: 0 - 100 % ●Resolution: 1 % ●Accuracy :2% ( 70% - 100% ) ●Pulse Rate: 20-250BPM ●Resolution: 1BPM ●Accuracy: ±3BPM RESP ●Measuring Range: 0-150BPM ●Resolution: 1BPM ●Accuracy : ±2% ●Resolution: 1mmHg ●Accuracy : ±3mmHg NIBP ●Word Mode: Manual, Auto, Continuous ●Unit: mmHg, Kpa
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