Critical Care
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Fetal Monitoring Doppler
Sonicaid D920/D930

The Sonicaid D920/D930 waterproof audio Dopplers are available with fixed 2 or 3MHz high sensitivity waterproof probes that provide excellent audio quality and ensure easy and reliable detection throughout pregnancy. Other features include low battery indicator, easy clean transducer for improved infection control, and a belt clip to aid handling.
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Vital Signs Monitor

The SC300 is a mains/battery operated compact spot check vital signs monitor offering a range of measurements, including non-invasive blood pressure, pulse rate, pulse oximetry and wireless tympanic temperature option. Equipped with a long life 12 hour high capacity battery pack, it can be used in any healthcare setting and is suitable for adult, pediatric or neonatal patients.
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Mobile DR System

The NeoDR mobile DR system is specifically designed for the neonatal department with a high DQE, high resolution small detector for the incubator, small power generator and high-specification X-ray machine that significantly reduce radiation dose for the safety of babies. Its flat and folding arm design make it easy to move and position in small spaces, while its integrated design and easy operation make it suitable for neonatal ICUs.
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Mobile DR System

The NeoAR mobile DR system is specifically designed for newborns with features such as low-dose exposure, small space requirement, and simple and quick operations. Other features include integrated X-ray machine, touchscreen operation, built-in lithium battery, touchscreen laptop workstation and user-friendly software interface.
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Patient Monitor

The iV-5d is an integrated patient monitor that offers reliable measurement of vital signs such as Sp02, PR, NIBP, normal temperature and C02 using proven technology for critically ill patients. Its lightweight rugged design and durable housing material makes it suitable for fast response and quick support in emergency and transport.
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Pulse Oximeter

The iV-3c is a hand-held pulse oximeter with capnograph for monitoring Sp02, PI, PR and C02 parameters and features a numeric display with plethysmogram display. It offers continuous monitoring/spot check, adjustable audio & visual alarm, automatic standby and power off, and Wi-Fi option for data transmission.
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12 inch ICU Monitor - Touch Screen

The iA-12 is an advanced 12-inch multi-parameter patient monitor that offers a broad range of patient monitoring capabilities for mid and high acuity departments. With its humanized super-thin design (65mm), more intuitive and timely information, and fast and stable data transmission, the iA-12 is ideal for use in the critical care environment, such as ICU, NICU, OR and CCU.
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8 inch Transport Monitor - Touch Screen

The iA-08 is an 8-inch multi-parameter patient monitor that provides accurate ECG measurement with pacemaker detection and excellent SpO2 even in low perfusion and movement status. It features intelligent cuff inflation pressure adjustment, data protection against sudden power loss, and separate display for parameter and technical alarms, making it ideal for EMS and transport.
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Pulse Oximeter - ICU Level Accuracy

The iV-03 is a reliable and portable pulse oximeter that monitors parameters such as SpO2, PI, PR and normal temperature and features a numerical display with plethysmograph display. It offers eight hours of continuous use and is highly accurate with reliable data even in low perfusion states, making it ideal for hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.
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Ventilation System
Life2000 Ventilation System

The Life2000 Ventilation System features an innovative design that is adaptable across multiple settings, from the ICU and long-term care to the home. It assists patients in ICU settings to transition from complete bed rest to achieving early mobility milestones such as sitting, standing, and walking.
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ESG Machine
ELI 230

The ELI 230 Resting ECG offers complete functionality in a compact, portable device, making it a cost-effective ECG solution that offers accurate and reliable adult/pediatric ECG interpretation and full-size printouts. The color display provides real-time preview of three, eight or twelve leads of ECG data, as well as post-acquisition review of acquired ECG, while the VERITAS resting ECG interpretation algorithm uses gender-specific and adult and pediatric criteria to provide a silent second opinion for diagnostic interpretation.
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Respiratory Support System
Seattle PAP

The Seattle PAP non-invasive respiratory support system for newborns consisting of a bubble box, a rising pipe angled at 135 degrees, a pressure relief valve, and a breathing circuit can be used in combination with nasal prongs and mask. Designed to create continuous positive airway pressure and pressure oscillations, it supports spontaneous breathing by delivering a continuous, positive pressurized gas flow from a flow and oxygen source to the baby’s airways.
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Nasal Cannula
HI-Flow Star

The HI-Flow Star nasal cannula reduces the risk of skin lesions on the face and gives the patient maximum freedom when eating, drinking and talking. It offers a more comfortable alternative to non-invasive ventilation face masks, and its symmetrical design allows it to be attached either from the left or right side of the patient's bed.
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elisa 800 VIT

The elisa 800 VIT (Ventilator Integrated Tomography) is the world‘s first fully integrated EIT system in an intensive care ventilator with its non-invasive pulmonary monitoring visualizing ventilation-related complications. This allows for direct therapy at the intensive care ventilator, making ventilation transparent as well as directly controllable.
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Anesthesia Workstation
Leon Basic

The Leon Basic “personal anesthesia workstation” combines proven ergonomic design and hygienic concepts with top technology, thus providing optimum support for work, e.g. during the initiation and course of operations, for diagnostic purposes and other relevant hospital systems. Its rebreathing ventilation performance is up to the standard of an intensive ventilator and its patient system is designed for efficient preparation and most easy assembly.
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